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Past Life Regression

Welcome and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to guide you into this uplifting experience,

Tired of creating the same reality? The same relationships?
The same jobs? The same patterns – over and over again?
Schedule today Your Past Life Regression Session!

Past Life Regression and Explorations sessions are based upon the premise that understanding the past can help clarify the present and build upon the future.

The wisdom of the ancient healing tool of hypnosis is utilized to help you learn the origin of current life problems or difficulties.

All memories are stored in the subconscious mind.
In a deep relaxation you can remember and re-live the memory, as you become an explorer through the filters and the layers of your mind.

• Have I been here before?

• What is my life purpose?

• Is there a free will?

• Why am I like this?

• Why is my life like this?

• Why are they acting like this?

• Is that Karma?

• What should I do?

• Where am I going?

• And the ultimate question – WHY AM I HERE?

What ever you are searching is already inside of you. In order to see the truth we must keep an open mind. The Law of Karma is not punishment – it is a learning tool to learn our lesson.

With the knowledge and act of kindness, forgiveness, care and love we erase karma
If you learn the soul lessons – Karma is a feedback

Life gives us many opportunities to correct our errors!

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