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Become a Certified Hypnotist!

You will become a “Certified Hypnotist” with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest hypnosis organization in the world.

You will be able to choose one of the following titles: Certified Hypnotist (CH), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), or Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH)!

pon joining the course you will be provided with a full set of materials, including:

• NGH Course Manuals 1 and 2
• NGH Practice Building DVD Pack
• NGH Script Packet
• Master Marketing Book by Don Mottin
• Hypnotic Recollections by Dr. Dwight F. Damon
• Understanding Psychology book
• Pendulum
• Student Information Packet
• One-year membership and Certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists
• NGH Membership Card
• 11 X 14 Certificate suitable for framing from the National Guild of Hypnotists
• 8 1/2 X 11 Certificate suitable for framing from the Washington DC Hypnosis Center
• The Journal of Hypnotism (4 per year)
• The Hypno-Gram (4 per year)
• Tips & Strategies on Building Your Website
• HYPNOmotivation Success Guide
• NGH Video Rental Catalog
• Resources Guide
• Coffee, tea, and munchies!

Additional bonuses of your certification:

• Annual Educational Conference

• Affordable malpractice insurance

• Group health insurance availability

• Hotel and auto rental discounts

• Top-quality legislative action and alerts

• Client referrals by way of computer listing

• Discounts off books, tapes, and videos

• Local chapter networking and education

• Continuing education

• Video and audio tape rental library for members only

• Professional Advice from Guest Speakers (most classes)

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Hypnosis Class Curriculum


• Creating a System of Belief

• Defining Terms

• Dispelling Misconceptions and Fears

• The Mind Model

• Dangers of Hypnosis

• Brain Chemistry and States

• Utilizing what they give you

• Pre-Induction Interview

• Pre-Suggestibility Exercises

• Hypnotherapist Responsibilities

• The “Poseidon Diagram”

• Abreactions

• Laws of the Mind: The rules of how the mind is governed

• Suggestion Formulation


• Dave Elman Induction (Somnambulism)

• Phillips-Elman Induction

• Eye Fixation

• Muscle Tension Relaxation Induction

• Progressive Relaxation

• Post-Hypnotic Reinduction Triggers

• Repeat Eye Closure

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


• Breathing Deepener

• Dial Deepener

• Esdaile State, Hypnotic Coma State

• Fractionation

• Number Counting Deepener

• Sounds Around You Patter

• Staircase Deepener

• Emerging from Hypnosis

• Emerging from Abreaction Patter

• Coma Threat


• Finger Magnet

• Hand Magnet

• Hand Clasp

• Arm Levitation and Lowering (Balloon and Dictionary)

• Arm Stiffening

• Pendulum Ideomotor Acton

• Postural Sway

• Muscular Relaxation

• Finger Ideomotor Action

• The Lemon Game

• Thirst Hallucination

• Eye Closure

• Spiegel Eye Roll

• Hand-Tingling

• Arm Lowering

• Arm Levitation

• Eye Catalepsy

• Leg Catalepsy

• Name Amnesia / Lips Catalepsy

• Stuttering

• Name Amnesia / Name Change

• Hand Shaking

• Fastening a Stick to Hands

• Impossible to Sit

• Impossible to Stand

• Putting it All Together into Sequences


• Phillips Arm Pull Induction

• Clasped Hands

• Drop Back Induction

• Finger Snap Induction

• Shock Inductions

• Finger and Thumb Shake Technique

• Hand Drop Induction

• Handshake Interrupt

• Pencil Drop Rapid Induction

• Rapid Hands Together Method

• Converting Suggestibility Effects into Speed Hypnosis Inductions


• Level One (Eyelid Catalepsy)

• Level Two (Arm Catalepsy)

• Level Three (Inability to Articulate)

• Level Four (Suggested Amnesia)

• Level Five (Positive Hallucination)

• Level Six (Negative Hallucination)


• Age Progression

• Age Regression

• Amnesia

• Dissociation

• Negative Hallucination

• Positive Hallucination

• Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

• Sensory Distortion

• Time Distortion

Advanced Strategies Included in Your Course

You will learn useful and strategic business skills for making the journey to being a professional hypnotist. Learn how to be successful without taking a separate marketing or business course.

Instant and Rapid Inductions

Hypnotize with Certainty and Confidence

We will show you through a set of convincer and deepening techniques how to ensure that the person is in a hypnotic state, so you can be confident that the person is in a state of hypnosis.

The Power Intake

Previous classes have remarked on how this section has changed their lives. Having spent many years learning the proper strategies for an effective client intake and pre-talk, we bring those strategies to you.

Instant Self-Hypnosis

We will teach you how to go into a powerful self-hypnotic state in only a few seconds.

Pain Relief with Hypnosis

Learn how to create hypnotic anesthesia and analgesia with several easy-to-apply techniques.

The Ultra-Deep States

Go deeper in hypnosis than you may have ever thought possible, creating full-body catalepsy and unconscious ideomotor responses.

Ericksonian Metaphors for Change

Learn the metaphorical basis for Milton Erickson’s work as a hypnotist from an inside-out perspective.

Bonus Materials

In addition to the standard NGH materials, you will receive:

• An exclusive resource CD packed with information and knowledge

• Outlines for Talks and Events: How to become a Master Public Speaker

• Additional scripts and articles for your continued learning

• Continual Support, Coaching, and Guidance

• Invitations to Guest Speakers and Events

Our Training Format

You will become a Certified Hypnotist either in a 4 week 100-hour training every other weekend (equivalent to 2 college semesters), or in an 6-day intensive (when offered). Our trainings are generally on the weekends.

This is an experiential class where you will both be taught the technical details and you will develop the skills through quite a bit of practice with others. We use Brain-Based Teaching and Training techniques to facilitate both conscious and unconscious integration.

Our Location in the heart of New York

192 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016

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What Makes Our Training Unique:

You will learn the most up-to-date knowledge of hypnosis, including how to reliably and safely perform instant and rapid inductions, a subject that many hypnosis trainers are secretly afraid of.

You will also receive additional materials, recordings, audios, and expert feedback, valued at well over $1,000.

© Institut Dr. Zottmann

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