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Hypnosis Training in the Heart of New York

Enhance Your Life – Become A NGH (National Guild of Hypnosis) certified Hypnotist

Whether you wish to be full-time in the field of hypnosis or simply want to learn for your own personal transformation, our training courses will fulfill all of those needs, and more.

Learn Powerful and Effective Hypnosis-Techniques to Facilitate Growth and Positive Change in NYC

Why you should learn hypnosis!

  • for your personal development
  • for your own self-confidence
  • to acquire greater depth and flexibility as a communicator
  • to start a new career as a NGH certified hypnotist (the National Guild of hypnosis is the largest hypnosis society in the world)
  • to develop greater proficiency as a hypnotist that you can immediately incorporate into your life and your work

Whether you are interested in this course to become certified as a hypnotist (NGH) or to develop greater proficiency as a hypnotist, you will learn powerful skills and techniques of suggestion that you can immediately incorporate into your life and your work.

Dr. Birgit Zottmann is a mindfulness teacher and hypnotist with more than 17 years of experience in her successful practice in Frankfurt, Germany. 


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