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Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

1. How Do I Know If I Can Be Hypnotized?

If you want to be hypnotized, and you’re willing to go along with the process, then chances are that you can be. In order to be hypnotized at the center, you need to have an IQ above 70, be willing to go into hypnosis, and be able to understand what I am saying (you need to be able to speak English). If you meet those 3 criteria, then you can be hypnotized!

2. How Does It Feel To Go Into Hypnosis?

Most people who are hypnotized experience a state of relaxation. Have you ever had the experience of being very immersed in a good movie, or a book, and it’s as if the world fades away? In your mind you know that you could think about other things, but for that select time period you are so focused that you just don’t care. Being hypnotized feels just like that.

3. Won’t I Lose Control?

One of the biggest myths today about hypnosis (and one perpetuated by movies and TV shows) is that hypnosis is “mind control” or that the hypnotist can control your mind. This is simply not true! You won’t do anything against your moral, ethical, religious, or personal values. If the hypnotist gave you a suggestion that you didn’t like, you would simply reject that suggestion. It’s as simple as that.

4. Will I Possible Tell Secrets?

No. If there is a secret you would have kept in your normal waking state, you will keep that secret in hypnosis. You’re not going to give the hypnotist the PIN number to your ATM card. In hypnosis you are perfectly capable of lying or withholding information if you wished to do so. Remember: Hypnosis is a consent state, where only you can decide what information is revealed and which is kept to yourself.

5. Can I Get Stuck In Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state which you drift in and out of every single day. It’s been around for a very long time; the Egyptians used it, the Greeks used it. Just as you wouldn’t get “stuck” in a day dream, you won’t get stuck in hypnosis.

6. Will I Remember What Happened During The Session?

Yes. You will remember everything and will be perfectly aware through-out the session. The subconscious mind is actually 1 to 1,000 times more aware during the state of hypnosis than in a normal state. Some people can even hear the ticking of a wrist-watch.

7. Does It Really Work For Smoking? I have to WANT to do it, right?

Yes, you have to want to do it, and for a very good reason! There is a part of your subconscious mind called the Protective Mind. It’s entire job, 24/7, whether you are asleep or deep in hypnosis or just going about your day, is to help you and protect you. That is all it does!

If you have been smoking for many years, and your mind continues to have you smoke every day, there is a reason for that. It thinks it is protecting you! And unless you really want to quit, that subconscious protective part of your mind is going to say “they don’t really want this, I’m not playing along.” When you really want to quit smoking for your own reasons, hypnosis works beautifully well and you’ll get great results.

8. Can Hypnosis Really Make Me Lose Weight?

What we do through hypnosis is to “re-align” your conscious and subconscious perceptions of your ideal weight, motivate you to exercise and become healthier, and remove the subconscious blocks so that the weight can come off.

Of course, none of this can “make” you lose weight. It is not as if you are hypnotized and then wake up the next day 20 pounds lighter without thinking about it. What we do is to put in suggestions to the subconscious mind that when acted upon will have you thinking like a slim-trim person.

When those suggestions get into your subconscious mind, you’ll find you have increased motivation and desire for exercise, that you find yourself eating healthier foods, and the weight will start to come off! After you’ve lost your first 10 pounds and kept it off, you’ll be a believer in hypnosis.

9. What Is A Typical First Session Like?

For your first session, you will come in and take a seat in the waiting room, and I will come out and greet you to bring you back to our hypnosis area. We’ll talk about what you have explored so far, if you’ve ever been hypnotized before, and what changes you wish to make.

I’ll explain to you how hypnosis works and what you can expect, and then we’ll do the hypnosis. Occasionally I use techniques from NLP (see below) during the session, which is very effective for certain issues. After the session is over, you will walk away feeling relaxed and calm.

10. What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP — Neuro-Linguistic Programming — is an approach to changing a person’s perspectives, behaviors, and attitudes, in such a way that it “re-codes” a change in the brain.

NLP techniques are useful for dealing with fears and phobias, nail biting, memory, self-concept, motivation, stage-fright / public speaking, and many other things.

11. What Is Mindfullness

The idea behind Mindfullness is to teach us to be mindful of all we do in our lives. This will give us a greater awareness of various situations and surroundings resulting in a much more relaxed body and nervous system.


Oftentimes, I blend hypnosis with NLP and Mindfulness to achieve the best long-lasting results.

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